Narrative therapy

  • Make sense of experiences by sharing them and unpacking their meaning
  • Create new bonds, build community
  • Explore possibilities for reintegration strategies and narratives that support re-entry
  • Identify opportunities for transformation and impact

Taming the mind

  • Learn meditation strategies
  • Develop a consistent mindfulness practice
  • Participate in rehabilitative movement (yoga, capoeira, swimming, dance, climbing, hiking)

Feeding body and soul

  • Rebalance brain chemistry and hormones through specially designed nutrition plan
  • Learn about gardening and cooking to maintain health
  • Spearhead eco-friendly farming and culinary practices

Healing by helping

  • Share insight and lessons through veteran-run leadership workshops
  • Put experience to work by running the center and its programs
  • Build community partnerships to fill gaps in service
  • Support economic development through short- and long-term volunteer projects

Professional Development and
Job Training

  • Tech and green tech vocational training (coding)
  • Alternative health service certifications
  • Workshops on running for local and state office
  • Employment opportunities at the center in all areas (facilities, faculty, farming, guest services, marketing, community relations, business partnerships)
  • Ongoing executive function coaching